10 Incredible Photography Techniques

Today, we switched to the use of digital cameras. Digital photography has revolutionized the taking of photos, there are no more old school movies, and we go to the pharmacy until the film develops. Digital cameras allow the photographer to focus on taking pictures and merely eliminating those that do not meet the standards. Using these simple and effective photography strategies can help those taking photos with digital cameras capture the best images using the new art of digital photography.


10 Incredible Photography Techniques


Use the LCD screen to its full potential

The best feature of digital cameras is probably the fabulous LCD screen that allows real-time preview of images as you take them. One of the best and most practical techniques of digital photography is to make sure that you are using the LCD screen at its maximum potential by viewing each image and making sure it is perfect, otherwise click delete and raise.


Try to get a digital camera with image stabilization.


If you do not have this feature, here is a digital photography technique to get more explicit pictures without any blur. Keep your hand steady when taking pictures to avoid moving and moving. Also, it is best to keep your eyes on the optical viewfinder when shooting, instead of the electronic viewfinder. This helps you to see what you are capturing and also helps to keep the camera stable when shooting.


Add light


Flash seems to be a challenge for most novice photographers. Most flash techniques can only illuminate a subject 10 to 15 feet on average. Be sure to get closer or add more light to the subject.


Avoid fuzzy shots and out of focus


Since the development of digital cameras may take a little longer than that of film cameras, a good tip to avoid blurry and fuzzy pictures is to press the shutter button until focus is locked. Press the button completely to take the actual image.


Watch out for light


The law of optics remains the same whether you use a new digital photography technology or an old camera. For example, if the sun is behind an image, the image will be a silhouette. If there is light in front of the picture, the image will appear shady.


Use a light source when using a polarizer


Another digital photography technique is to use a polarizer to ensure that the light source is perpendicular to the object. If you do not have polarized filtering capability, an excellent digital photography technique is to wear a pair of quality sunglasses. Place the sunglasses as close as possible to the camera lens, then check your position on the LCD screen to make sure you do not have the edges of the sunglasses on the image.


Have a backup memory


Instead of film, digital photography uses memory cards to store images. An excellent digital photography technique that can avoid a lot of remorse is to always have a memory backup with you. There is nothing worse than losing this great photo because there is more storage space available in your camera.


Change your white balance


An excellent digital photography technique for photographing bright landscapes and outdoor portraits is to change the white balance settings from automatic to cloudy, which will result in more vivid, more explicit images. This will give a warm-up filter to your camera and increase red and yellow for more vibrant and brighter images.


Zoom in


Zoom to highlight an item or feature of the captured subject. Avoid getting too sharp a photo, evaluate what you want to catch and focus on this image, avoid backgrounds such as buildings and landscapes, this will give you more transparent and better pictures of the object that you want.


Practice is probably the best advice


The best digital photography technique is to train with your camera. Know it and all the controls and what they do. Take a lot of pictures and analyze what works best with your camera and you will soon be an expert with your list of digital photography techniques.




Digital cameras had simplified photography and made shooting much more mobile and convenient. And the use of some of these digital photography techniques will offer the best images of life’s memories.